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Registered Nurse Benefits | Greatest Part About Being a Registered Nurse 2021

Registered Nurse Benefits | Greatest Part About Being a Registered Nurse 2021


The reason why nursing is such a great profession is the flexibility you have. As a nurse, you can choose to work in so many different fields and worksites. Each employer that chooses to hire you invests a lot of money in you and they want to make sure that you stay working for them. However too many nurses do not take advantage and appreciate this. A lot of nurses want to stay loyal to the place that hired them and do not want to change work places. But they should appreciate that their job is extremely valued and can easily move to another work environment that treats the employees with the respect they deserve.


Also the flexibility of the job doesn’t just mean you have to work in the same specialty. There are so many different branches of nursing that you are able to work in. For instance, you can set up your own business and provide care to patients via home health. You do not necessarily need to be employed by someone. You also are able to work in almost every time of work environment from bedside care to working at a desk. You can even work as a hotline nurse providing opinions and advice to patients. The point is you can choose to work in many different settings and work in different sites that provide you with excellent working conditions. Doing this will not only benefit yourself, but it will also make the management reconsider why they are losing so many staff in a period of time. This will ensure that the staff retention becomes a key priority for management and ultimately will enhance the working conditions.


The last reason why flexibility in the nursing career is the best part about being a nurse is that you are never bored. There is literally so much to learn and know in healthcare that you will never be bored of the career. Think of the various floors in a hospital, the settings that nurses work in, there are so many to choose from and so many ways to further your career. Like if you wanted to be a provider of care at a clinic you can further you education and become a nurse practitioner. If you wanted to more autonomy and have an independent practice you could be a certified registered nurse anesthetist. If you wanted to be able to do critical care skills such as intubation, placing central lines or chest tubes you could work as an acute care nurse practitioner. This type of flexibility is unheard of in a profession and it makes me so proud of choosing this career. I know many nurses that started by being an emergency room nurse then went to NP school and switched it all up and went back to CRNA school. You could do all of these things as a nurse which is so amazing!


With that being said, I would love to hear what your planning to do with your nursing career. How are you planning to practice as a nurse and what are your life goals. Leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video!




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